Kentucky State Fair
Talent Classic

New for 2024: The Kentucky State Fair Talent Classic will showcase the incredible skills of even more people! Ages 7+ who have already competed in sanctioned preliminary contests across the Commonwealth are able to participate.

2024 DATES
Friday, August 16, 2024:
Age Group: 22+ year olds
Time: 4:00 pm

Saturday, August 17, 2024:
Age Group: 13 – 21 year olds
Time: 3:00 pm

Sunday, August 18, 2024:
Age Group: 7 – 12 year olds
Time: 12:00 pm

Preliminaries can be held throughout the state. Want to bring the Kentucky State Fair Talent Classic to your community? Sign up to host a preliminary. A list of all approved preliminaries will be updated on this page each week.

2024 Preliminaries

Can’t make it to an in-person preliminary? Have no fear! You can now sign up for a virtual preliminary.

Grand Award Winner:  
Emmie Siegel & Kennedy Julian
First Place Sweepstakes:  
Mallory Jones
Second Place Sweepstakes:  
Dylan McCollam
Third Place Sweepstakes:  
Lily Saltsman
Fourth Place Sweepstakes:  
Emma Seals